We have experience working in a wide variety of engineering sectors. See our portfolio for details on our project work.


In this ever changing and demanding environment it is more important than ever to provide a first class mechanical design service for our clients. With more commercially demanding environment than ever before we can create the competitive and innovative products that you require.

We have the expertise that provide mechanical design engineering services on all levels of complexity and by consistently investing in our company and our team we maintain cutting edge capabilities allowing us to provide you with a first class engineering design services that we pride ourselves on.

Because our team are all SolidWorks Professionals or Experts they are able to adapt to your needs therefore we can customise the material to match your needs. The end product is a CAD format that suits you and can include:

  • Configurable models
  • Technical drawings
  • Concise project reports
  • High quality product renders
  • User guides
  • Manuals
  • Marketing material

Working with KJC Design Solutions will open up another dimension to your company, providing extra resource, original ideas provide you with a product that you can be proud of.

We are proud to offer a service that gives you, our customer the right results, first time.

Take a look at our portfolio to view some of our projects and see how our expertise and innovation can be tailored for you and your company.


Product design is about creating and developing a new product that does the job it’s meant to do whilst meeting timeframes and budget constraints. That means you need a team to work closely with you to ensure that your requirements are met throughout the entire process whilst understanding the challenges and restrictions that you have.

We are delighted to offer our customers a complete service of new product design and development. Our team of design engineers and product developers will explore your needs and constraints and really get under the skin of your product. To ensure your product meets your expectations we focus on:

  • Exploring comprehensive research techniques and strategies
  • Investigate market trends
  • Establish stage gates for efficient design reviews
  • Deliver in-depth product analysis

After all, your product is not about holding its own today but meeting the demands of tomorrow.

Get in touch with us to explore our complete product design and development service.


Many projects require not only mechanical design expertise, but also the design and integration of electrical systems which often leads to the sourcing of two companies. This can place additional challenge to the project leading to delays and errors which are costly and frustrating and from a CAD perspective can prove a sticking point for many companies.

You need to have confidence that your project will be completed on time and within budget with the potential to market your product faster with fewer errors and complications. This is why we use cutting edge software and experienced designers to integrate the electrical requirements of a project into the overall design and engineering service we provide, creating a concise and seamless experience.

Being specialists of SolidWorks electrical system means that we can offer a variety of design services, including:

  • Schematics for manufacturing
  • CAD model analysis
  • End to end design and edit

We provide reliable and yet progressive design ideas that will really make a difference to you and your product.

We know how important it is to understand our customers’ requirements so please Contact Us so we can discuss your project needs in more depth.


Building Information Modelling (B.I.M.) goes beyond the planning and design of a project and extends into the manufacture and throughout the building life cycle and is fast becoming the most accepted method of creating consistency for design and engineering.

Your project will be dependent on effective collaboration from your project team and they will need to be able to rely on accurate and up-to-date information. SolidWorks software allows for a complete project overview from day 1, showing you changes and modifications immediately, thereby allowing you to make informed design decisions which will improve overall efficiency.

Digital representations of your building or facility allow physical relations and functional operations to be analysed resulting in a more collaborative and effective project team:

  • Valuable data to work from down-stream
  • Review design options
  • Efficient production of 2D drawing from 3D CAD models
  • Timely risk assessment
  • Effective functionality overview
  • Transparency across project
  • Documented design history and methodology

We have worked extensively in the building and test facility sector and would like to work with you to successfully deliver your project, so drop us an email or call us direct and we’d be delighted to discuss your ideas further.