As well as being highly experienced mechanical design engineers, we also like to make our designs look great.


All CAD designs, whether for the product design sector or the engineering sector should be well presented and visualised, and with current CAD technology there is no excuse not to have your product well presented, proving to be valuable material both in-house and as a marketing tool.

Whether you are presenting your product internally or externally or just showing its functionality you want it to stand out from your competitors so it needs to be of the highest quality. This is why we use the latest advanced technology to create images and animation that really showcase your products.


Virtual photography generates interesting and creative images; it will show the functionality and the complexity of any component and can provide access to otherwise impossible views. The render can be performed at any stage of the design process providing a comprehensive visualisation.

Cutaway or exploded views can be created by manipulating CAD models to show complex inner workings of your product including:

  • Functionality of the product
  • The materials
  • Complete construction
  • Scale
  • Exact replica


This is a great platform to really showcase your product and by creating quality animations you will communicate information about your product simply and effectively. Whether you are promoting something that is unfamiliar or a complex offering, animation is the most effective way to get the message across. It will engage your audience, create high impact and make the information easy to digest.

Animation allows you to communicate your products and make a favourable impression both internally and externally and we can help you to create images that you can really be proud of.


As you develop the design of your product further and have produced some Rendering & Visualisation work, the next stage further is to have made a prototype. These prototypes can be in the form of a “looks like/works like”, where one prototype is made to accurately represent the final visual appearance of the product and another prototype is made that functions mechanically or otherwise.

We offer an extremely comprehensive 3D printing service, otherwise known as Rapid Prototyping. Your prototype can be made in a range of materials from ABS plastics through to metals such as titanium.

We can handle the production of a wide variety of prototypes:

  • Large and small projects
  • Initial prototypes of simple plastic injection moulded parts
  • Complex mechanisms with moving parts
  • Large assemblies with many moving parts
  • Print sections or entire models
  • Colour coded factory floor layouts including:
    • Pipework
    • Machinery
    • Cabling

Rapid prototyping can be used to create moulds with which to make small batch runs, or to get a better idea of how a tool could be created for your part.

After all if it functions as a parametric model, it’ll function as a 3D printed, rapid prototype model. This is where the service could really allow you to visualise your product the way it is intended.

If you have any questions with regards to the service we can offer and the potential benefit to your project, don’t hesitate to contact us using our Contact Page.

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